Broward County, Miami, and Palm Beach Seal and Expunge Lawyer

In Florida, depending on how your criminal charge was closed, your criminal record can be either Sealed or Expunged.  There is a very significant legal difference between the two potential outcomes.

Sealing Defined

A record is considered sealed if the resolution is not accessible by the general public.  The record itself is still present in the court system and Florida Department of Law Enforcement, but the record hidden from public view.  Once the record is sealed, the only way to obtain information about the case is by filing a motion to unseal.  You are eligible to have your record sealed if you pled no contest and did not receive a conviction on your record and you have not been convicted of any other crime.

Expungement Defined

A record is expunged when the physical evidence of the case including the arrest reports, mug shots, fingerprints and anything evidencing your arrest is destroyed.  There is no way to un-expunge a record once the process is complete.  The process is not very difficult, but it can be very challenging to deal with the various agencies and governing bodies involved.  It is best to hire an attorney to make sure that all paperwork is filed and processed properly.  Otherwise the process could take a lot longer than necessary to expunge your record.

Broward County, Miami, and Palm Beach Expunge Lawyer

There are however several type of charges that cannot be sealed or expunged.  Call Grant Schwarz to learn more about the process and to find out whether your case is eligible for a seal or expungement process.  Call today to prevent your past from haunting you.

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