Davie Florida Chili Cook-Off Crimes and Misdemeanors

Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney Discusses Arrests at Festivals

This weekend marked the 30th annual Kiss Country Chili Cook-off in Davie Florida. Whenever there are large groups of people with food, music and alcohol involved, so will the police. The Chili Cook off is notoriously known for the significant number of arrest and new criminal caseschili-dl arising out of the very popular event where over 20,000 people attend. Fortunately, most of the crimes involve relatively minor conduct. However, there are some situations where alcohol and drug fueled revelry leads to unpredictable behavior, which in turn can make overzealous police officer take a situation from “not too bad” to “very serious”.

Here is a list of some of the most commonly charged simple crimes during the Davie Chili Cook-off or any big outdoor festival. Click each one to learn more about that particular crime and defenses to each

Davie Florida Criminal Defense Attorney

Most often, these minor misdemeanor offenses are charged by a written document called a Notice to Appear. A Notice to Appear is similar to a traffic ticket given to you by a police officer.   You are required to sign it, and appear in court on the date written on the ticket. If you have received a notice to appear, you should contact a Davie Florida Criminal Defense Attorney or drinking alcoholFort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney to help discuss your options of having the charges reduced or dismissed. Never wait to call an attorney to learn more about your charges, free consultations are available 24 hours a day at 800-403-3887.

Davie Florida Misdemeanor Crimes Attorney

Even though most of the offenses charged during the Davie Chili Cook-off are misdemeanors, some Broward County misdemeanors are more serious than others. Here is a list of some of the more serious Davie Florida Misdemeanor crimes often charged at the Broward Chili Cook-off or any big outdoor festival. Click each to learn more about the crime and possible defenses to each.

People charged with these types of offenses are usually arrested on the spot and taken to jail. After being taken to Broward County Jail it is necessary to post a bond, or even hire an attorney to conduct a Bond Hearing on your behalf, depending on your charge.

Broward Felony Defense Attorney

Unfortunately, not all offenses committed at or near a festival are misdemeanors, and not all of them are minor. Sometimes, felony offenses can be charged which create a potentially serious situation for you and your family. Click each of these crimes to learn more about the offense and potential defenses to them.

Allegations of felony conduct always result in an arrest and must go through the bond process. Felony charges are very serious and could subject you to harsh penalties including fines, probation, jail or even prison.  Anyone facing felony charges should immediately contact a Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney.

The weather this year at the Davie Chili Cook-off was fantastic, as was the music and the atmosphere. But all the fun can come to a screeching halt by being charged with any type of crime, no matter how small. If you have been given an NTA or were placed under arrest it is important that you speak with an experienced attorney to understand how a crime on your record can have a major effect on your life. Grant Schwarz has made it his mission to make sure that read my rightsyou are afforded every opportunity to have your charges dismissed and to keep your record, job and reputation intact.

Remember, never talk to police without speaking to a criminal defense attorney first.


Call 800-403-3887 or email Grant@dnslaw.com to speak with an attorney regarding your recent criminal charges. Let us fight for you, call today for your free case evaluation and consultation.

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