Hollywood Police, Poor Decision Making

Police Officer of the Hollywood Police Department sponsored a Sky Banner today to fly above the Hollywood Saint Patricks Day Parade.  The Parade was attended by thousands of people including families, veterans, business owners and the elderly; all of whom the Hollywood Police Department has sworn to protect.

The Police Officers responsible for sending up this message should be fired immediately.  If the city’s own police officers have such little pride in their jobs and their duty to the people of the City of Hollywood, they have no place on its police force.  The citizens of hollywood deserve better.  The department should release the names of these shameful officers.

As a criminal Defense Attorney, I certainly want to know which officers were responsible for such a spectacular display of poor judgement.  Police officers use their judgment every day on the street when deciding to make an arrest.  For these officers to display such poor decision making by sponsoring a banner disparaging their own agency, how do we know what they are doing on the street?  This is certainly very disturbing both as a defense attorney, Hollywood business owner and Citizen of hollywood for almost 10 years.

Article in Sun-Sentinel: https://plus.google.com/109986901205716803463/posts/GNj5F9uWC16

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