How can I have my Florida criminal record expunged?

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These days, everyone has some sort of Internet presence. Either through Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. we all know how important it is to maintain a clean image on the web, especially if we are in the job market.

Most often, company-hiring managers will Google Florida Criminal Record Expunge Lawyerpotential applicants, look at social media posts to try and learn as much about applicants as possible. All of this happens before the applicant walks through the front door of the business they’ve applied to. This presents a huge problem for many young people coming up in today’s workforce. A misdemeanor or even minor felony arrest in your teens or early 20’s is smeared all over the Internet.

Why does my arrest information show up on the Internet?

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A criminal record can follow you for the rest of your life if it is not handled properly. The only way a criminal charge can be expunged is if the case was completely dismissed. This is why the first and best thing anyone ever facing any criminal charge the case is being handled. This applies to all criminal cases no matter how big or small. The failure to hire an attorney and/or the mishandling of a case by an attorney are the most common reasons people are unable to have their records expunged. Never go to court alone.

Expunging Internet Records

The problem with having a criminal record however is not just about the court documents and police reports. There are companies which will take your case information and post it on their website. The goal of the websites is to force you to pay them money (ransom) in order to take the information down. I have seen websites post defendants mug shots, arrest information, case numbers and other details about the criminal charge. The worst part of these sites is that they will offer a service to have the information removed from several locations for a fee, Florida Record Expunge Lawyerusually around $500.00. However, when the user pays the fee, some of the information is removed from several sites, but the information will then appear on dozens other sites. I believe the Internet mug shot and case information removal is a racket and conspiracy to extort ransom money from unsuspecting criminal defendants. Some of these companies will even keep the information up on their sites for all to see after the case has been dismissed in criminal court.

What can you do to erase your records from the Internet?

There are options for having your criminal history removed from the Internet. The first and best step would be to hire an attorney to start the process of having your record expunged. Once the process is complete, the attorney can forward copies of the expunge order to the Webmaster with a demand to remove the information from their servers. This process can be time consuming and frustrating because most sites are not under any obligation to remove the information. However, most websites and companies will remove the information if you provide proof that the case was dismissed or the record has been expunged.

Please remember that there is no substitute for experienced legal counsel. Contacting an attorney with experience in criminal defense and record seal and expunge issues will be the best use of time. Florida Criminal Record Expunge Attorneys Dell & Schaefer provide free consultations 24 hours a day related to any issue in criminal law. Contact Attorney Grant Schwarz today to learn more about having your criminal case expunged and removal of your case information from the Internet.

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