Leaving the Scene of an Accident AKA LSA in Florida


Answer by a Licensed Fort Lauderdale Leaving the Scene of a Crash Attorney.

Traffic crashes happen every day, hundreds of times a day in South Florida.  Some of these accidents involve property damage, some involve injury to people.  Do police need to be called every time a crash occurs?  It depends.  Of course, if you speak to a personal injury attorney you will hear that you absolutely need to have a police report which assigns blame to the other drive to help your injury claim.  If you crash into another person and exchange contact and insurance information, it is not always necessary to have the police arrive.  But what if you crash into property and there’s nobody around to see it?  What do you do when you hit an unattended vehicle or other property, cause damage and there’s nobody around to exchange information with?  What are you supposed to do?

Leaving the Scene of an Accident is a very common type of charge that I deal with on an almost weekly basis. South Florida is a popular vacation spot and is also home to thousands of international visitors who rent cars and are unfamiliar with the rules of the roads we all share. Florida law makes it a crime to leave the scene of a crash when the damage involves damage to a vehicle or other property, but only when such vehicle or property is “driven or attended by any person”.  Thus, when a driver crashes with a parked car, what happens next?  Can you leave simply because the damaged property or car was unattended?  No.

Florida law requires that a person involved in a crash with an unattended vehicle or property must stop and attempt to locate or notify the other vehicle’s owner.  If you are involved in a crash with an unattended vehicle, you must try to find that person, and provide them with yourhit-and-run name and address, VIN of your vehicle and it is also a good idea to provide an email address and phone number to be reached.  You have to attach this information securely in a conspicuous place or in the vehicle, and report said incident to the local police.  Failure to do so, and if there are any witnesses in the area, will result in a criminal charge for Leaving the Scene of an Accident.

If you should find yourself in a situation after a crash, make sure you follow the steps towards protecting your rights and your freedoms as I have stated above.  I have handled thousands of these types of cases in my career as a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. I have seen all types of charges related to Leaving the Scene of a Crash.  The most important thing you can docallnow2 is follow these steps and contact a local Leaving the Scene of a Crash Defense Attorney.  I am available 24 hours a day for a free case evaluation and consultation to discuss your recent charges for Leaving the Scene of a Crash in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach or anywhere else in the state of Florida.  Call to ask specific questions about your case or to get answers to any questions related to criminal law in general.  Call 1-800-403-3887 or email at Grant@dnslaw.com.

Remember, don’t talk to police without speaking with a criminal defense attorney first.  Even a fish would not get caught if it kept its mouth shut.avvo plaque 2

Any criminal charge is a serious matter and must be dealt with quickly and correctly.  Criminal charges in Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Coral Springs, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, West Palm Beach or anywhere in Miami can have a significant impact on the rest of your life.  At Dell & Schaefer, we promise to do everything possible to have your charges reduced or dismissed so you can avoid the harsh consequences that a conviction can bring.  Dell & Schaefer has been defending clients since 1979 and is available to speak to you when you need us most.

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