What is Resisting With Violence?

Fort Lauderdale Resisting With Violence Defense Attorney

In Florida, Resisting an Officer With Violence occurs where a defendant knowingly resists or obstructs a law enforcement officer by committing or threatening to commit any violent act towards an officer who is engaging in a lawful duty.  Resisting an Officer With Violence is a commonly charged offense and is something that happens frequently in South Florida.  Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Palm Beach police departments will usually add a resisting charge onto whatever else they arrested you for when you offer any resistance whatsoever during arrest.  Sometimes you can be arrested for only one count of Resisting With Violence, but how does that happen?

Broward County, Miami Dade County and West Palm Beach police departments are often veryarrest aggressive when investigating their cases and especially when making arrests.  This aggression can sometimes be used to get a rise out of a person they are investigating for possible criminal behavior.  Often, charges of resisting with or without violence come about even when the police had no probable cause to arrest you at all, but did have a reasonable suspicion to stop you and conduct a lawful investigation.  A situation can go from bad to worse just by responding to a police officer with an aggressive tone or aggressive body language.  Remember, you don’t always have to talk to a police officer just because they approached you and asked to speak to you.  Click here to read my article about being arrested for doing nothing.

The offense is a third degree felony with penalties of up to 5 years in prison.  Often, state attorneys will speak to the arresting officer to get their input on what type of plea offer to make to resolve the case.  The arresting officers more often than not will request for significant penalties including community control, jail or even prison depending on what the alleged conduct and your prior criminal history.  It is really important to get in touch with Resisting With Violence Attorney as soon as possible after arrest on these charges.  As an experienced criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor of charges of Resisting With Violence, I am able to begin to build a defense for you after our first consultation.


I want to know your entire story, your background, who was with you at the time of the arrest.  I will likely ask you many questions you might think are strange or irrelevant to the charge.  To the contrary, the more information I know about you and what happened, the better chance there is of exposing the type of information that could result in a reduction of your charge, or a dismissal of your case.  Call me today for a free case evaluation, my number is 1-800-403-3887.  I am also available by email at Grant@dnslaw.com.  I want to hear your story and defend your case.  Call me today.



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