Broward County Possession of Stolen Property Law

Dealing in Stolen Property refers to behavior involving buying and selling of property that you knew or should have known was stolen.  Most often, these charges come about when you allegedly sell an item at a pawn shop that turns out to be stolen.  The owner of the item will come forward, the pawn shop will have your name, ID and fingerprint on file.

Penalties for Dealing in Stolen Property

2nd Degree Felony

  • Punishable by up to:
    • 15 years prison
    • 15 years probation
    • Up to $10,000.00 in fines

Defenses to Possession of Stolen Property

The most important factor that the State must prove beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt is that you knew or should have known the property was stolen.  The state attorney’s office will try to use a number of factors when determining whether the circumstances give rise to knowledge or that you should have known:

  • Contradictory Statements
  • Item being sold below market value
  • Item recently claimed to be stolen – evidence of your involvement in either a robbery or burglary or other criminal action
  • Possession of other stolen items
  • Unexplained possession of the item
  • Unusual manner of acquisition
  • Attempts at concealment
  • Condition of item when police found it
  • Location of item where police found it

Mere unexplained possession of recently stolen property will not ordinarily give rise to a conviction for Dealing in Stolen Property.  To the contrary, at trial, the state attorney must exclude every reasonable hypothesis of innocence.  Therefore, if you have a reasonable explanation of how you came to possess the allegedly stolen items, you may have a viable defense to the crime of Dealing in Stolen Property.

Contact a Broward County Theft Lawyer

As in any other case, the first thing you want to do when facing a criminal charge, especially one as serious as a 2nd Degree Felony Dealing in Stolen Property is to contact an experienced and aggressive criminal defense lawyer for a free consultation.  The Law Office of Attorney Grant Schwarz has been practicing criminal defense law for over 30 years and has a proven track record of success in defending criminal cases.  Lead Attorney, Grant Schwarz was a Lead Felony Prosecutor for the Broward State Attorney’s Office in Fort Lauderdale.  Grant Schwarz knows the defenses that work, and how to break apart the state’s case to your advantage.

Aside from prison, jail or probation, the future consequences of any felony conviction are disastrous to your life and ability to earn a living.  Do not hesitate to contact Grant Schwarz with the Law Office of Attorney Grant Schwarz to begin building a defense to your Dealing in Stolen Property Charge in Broward County.  No matter where you are charged, or what you are charged with, an experienced attorney by your side can be the difference between conviction and acquittal.

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