Broward Shelter in Place Order and COVID-19

COVID-19 is a respiratory illness caused by a virus that is spreading quickly throughout the globe and even in Broward County, Florida.  On March 26, 2020 Broward County issued a Shelter In Place Order which officials have named “Safer at Home Policy”.  Essentially this means that all non essential workers must remain in their homes […]

Coronavirus and Restraining Orders

During this unsettling time of global crisis, many of us are being ordered to remain home.  My first thought about being urged to stay home sounded like it could be a chance to relax, clean up the house and spend time with my family.  After only 72 hours home with my kids, spouse, household responsibilities, […]

Broward DUI on NYE

Broward DUI Attorney Grant Schwarz Nothing ruins an evening, especially New Years Eve more than being arrested on charges of DUI. Getting arrested for DUI is definitely something everyone wants to avoid in their lifetime. Florida has some of the strictest penalties for DUI’s around. As we know there is a multi-stage process that begins […]

Disorderly Conduct Arrests in Fort Lauderdale

Disorderly Conduct is one of those misdemeanor charges I see very frequently. However, it is very rare that I have had a client take a plea to or be found guilty of such a crime. The reason is that this particular statute is written in such a vague manner that it is very difficult for the […]

DUI Checkpoints on Thanksgiving

Fort Lauderdale DUI Defense Attorney Grant Schwarz Explains how checkpoints can stop your holiday fun in its tracks. Concerts, festivals and holidays, especially holidays which involve a fair amount of drinking; like Thanksgiving and Christmas are among the most popular times the local police decide to set up DUI checkpoint stops throughout the South Florida […]

Diversion Programs in Florida Criminal Cases

Broward Misdemeanor and Felony Diversion Program Attorney.   Never accept a “deal” without hiring a lawyer first. When I was a prosecutor, I used to think that I was doing defendants the biggest favor in the world when I would offer a misdemeanor diversion program, often called MDP or PTI (Pre Trial Intervention) in some jurisdictions. I […]

Prostitution Cases in Florida

Throughout South Florida and even the rest of the state, police departments are coming down hard on cases involving the solicitation of prostitution as well as other acts listed under the prostitution statute. Prostitution is defined as selling ones body for money in the form of sexual acts. While this type of transaction (money for sex) […]

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Outstanding service from lawyer Grant Ian Schwarz.

Lawyer Grant Ian Schwarz provides outstanding service. I recently hired him for my case earlier this year and on the day of the trial it got dismissed with ease. Not only did that case get dismissed but my first case three years ago got dismissed as well with Grant by my side. Mr.Schwarz is a reliable lawyer who I would recommend to anybody having any sort of legal issues. Grant is an extremely caring lawyer who will answer all questions that you have and will respond to any e-mails, texts, or phone calls that you send his direction. I cannot forget to mention his confidence in the courtroom is amazing and it truly shows his greatness. Grant Ian Schwarz is the right lawyer for you. Thank you for everything Grant.

— a Criminal Defense client