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Florida Defines Theft as the Unlawful taking of property.  To prove the crime of theft, the State Attorney has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you took property from another person with the intent to deprive the person of a right to the property or appropriate the property for personal use or for the use of another who does not have the right to use the property.

Cases involving Grand Theft are handled very aggressively by more experienced prosecutors than in cases involving Petit Theft (Shoplifting).  Make sure that you contact the experienced criminal defense firm of Attorney Grant Schwarz .  Lead Attorney Grand Schwarz has the experience you need to fight back against those accusing you of Grand Theft.

Penalties for Grand Theft

Grand Theft can be charged in many different ways in Florida.  There is 3rd Degree, 2nd Degree and 1st Degree Felony Grand Theft depending on the value or type of property allegedly taken.

  • 3rd Degree Grand Theft
    • Committed if value of property is more than $300.00 but less than $20,000.00, a firearm, a motor vehicle (Grand Theft Auto) or a will/codicil.
    • Punishable up to:
    • Maximum 5 years prison
    • Maximum 5 years Probation
    • Fine up to $5,00.00
  • 2nd Degree Grand Theft
    • Committed if value of property is more than $20,000.00 but less than $100,000.00
    • Punishable by up to:
    • Maximum 15 years Florida State Prison
    • Maximum 15 years Probation
    • Fine up to $10,000.00
  • 1st Degree Grand Theft
    • Committed if value of property is Over $100,000.00 or
    • Is Shipping Cargo valued at over $50,000.00
    • Punishable by up to:
    • Minimum 21 months prison
    • Maximum 30 years Florida State Prison
    • Maximum 30 years Probation
    • Fine up to $10,000.

Receiving a conviction for Grand Theft will forever mark you as a person of dishonesty and questionable morals.  You will likely not be able to find a good job and will be disqualified from several benefits from the state and federal government.  You could also potentially be denied housing.

Don’t let a felony conviction ruin your life.  It is critical that you contact Attorney Grant Schwarz at the Law Office of Attorney Grant Schwarz .  Grant Schwarz is rated 10.0 out of 10.0 Superb Attorneys in the field of Criminal Defense by, an impartial website that rates lawyers.  Grant Schwarz has the real courtroom experience necessary to defend you when facing serious Felony Theft Charges.

Potential Defenses to Grand Theft

Keep in mind that every case is different, contact Grant Schwarz to discuss the specifics of your case

Property has No Value or is less than $300

Difficult to argue and sometimes similar to the abandonment defense, you cannot be prosecuted for theft if the property alleged to have been stolen had no value.  The State Attorney is not required to prove value on a “petit theft” charge, but they are required to prove value for Felony Grand Theft.  If the property has zero value, there is no crime.  If the property is valued at less than $300, you cannot be convicted of Grand Theft, but rather Petit Theft.

Right of Ownership

People who have joint back accounts or joint ownership in certain property (homes, businesses, vehicles) may claim that you stole property or money from the account by selling, otherwise disposing of or withdrawing from an account.  However, if your name is on a title or as an authorized signatory of an account and you have a right of ownership as a joint-tenant or co-owner of property you cannot be convicted of a crime.

Bona Fide Purchaser or Recipient

The State must prove that you took possession of an item with the intent to steal or deprive the rightful owner of it.  You may raise the defense because you had a good faith belief that the person giving you the item was the rightful owner.  If the State cannot disprove this beyond a reasonable doubt, you may have a defense to the charge of Grand Theft.

Fight your Theft Charges

Just because you were arrested, or charged with Grand Theft does not mean that you are guilty of anything illegal.  Many times, these charges arise out of business disputes, family disputes or sometimes even divorces.  Be aware that if you are currently facing charges of Grand Theft, any contact with the alleged victim in the case will likely result in your being taken into custody and held without bond.  The potential consequences for a Grand Theft charge on your record could be disastrous.  Contact Grant Schwarz, former prosecutor, Superb Rated Criminal Defense Attorney to discuss your Grand Theft charges and start fighting back.  Grant Schwarz is available any time day or night by phone 800-403-3887 or email [email protected]

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