Broward County Fraud Crime Lawyer

What is fraud?

Florida Law recognizes several different types of fraud related crimes:

  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Healthcare Fraud
  • Public Assistance Fraud
  • Embezzlement (white collar crimes)
  • Organized Schemes to Defraud
  • Uttering Forged Instruments
  • Uttering Forged Bills
  • Worthless Checks
  • Bribery
  • Extortion

Florida law punishes crimes involving fraud very aggressively.  In any fraud related case the state attorney must prove that you intentionally acted for personal gain or to deceive or harm another.  Many times, these cases begin with a call from law enforcement wishing for you to give a statement to tell “your side of the story”.

It is in these situations, especially, that you must contact a criminal defense attorney to start fighting back and defending your rights.  You need a criminal defense attorney to fight for you and make the state attorney prove that you did anything intentionally to defraud anyone.

We are ready to defend your Fraud case in Broward County.

If you are under investigation for fraud, have been contacted by law enforcement, been arrested or served with a court summons for a fraud related matter, you must contact a lawyer immediately.  The Law Office of Attorney Grant Schwarz will defend your case both in and out of court, whether it is State or Federal, we are here for you.

The Law Office of Attorney Grant Schwarz have been defending fraud related cases since 1979.  Lead Attorney, Grant Schwarz knows how law enforcement agencies and the state attorneys operate when prosecuting these serious felonies.  Contact Attorney Grant Schwarz today to begin discussing your case and how it can be defended in court.  The most important action you can make when facing any type of criminal charge is to pick up the phone and speak to a lawyer immediately.  Do not wait.

Contact a Broward County Fraud Charge Defense Lawyer

Many fraud related cases involve minimum jail sentences in addition to potential for long periods of probation or community control, heavy fines.  In addition to the court penalties, a conviction for fraud will destroy your credit, ability to work, ability to obtain a business or home loan, loss of civil liberties in addition to the consequences within your community, family and loved ones.  Do not leave your future in the hands of an inexperienced attorney.

Call the Office of Attorney Grant Schwarz and speak to an attorney today, 954-620-8320 or email Grant Schwarz at [email protected].  We are available any time day or night, even weekends and holidays.  All consultations are confidential and free.  Call today.

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Outstanding service from lawyer Grant Ian Schwarz.

Lawyer Grant Ian Schwarz provides outstanding service. I recently hired him for my case earlier this year and on the day of the trial it got dismissed with ease. Not only did that case get dismissed but my first case three years ago got dismissed as well with Grant by my side. Mr.Schwarz is a reliable lawyer who I would recommend to anybody having any sort of legal issues. Grant is an extremely caring lawyer who will answer all questions that you have and will respond to any e-mails, texts, or phone calls that you send his direction. I cannot forget to mention his confidence in the courtroom is amazing and it truly shows his greatness. Grant Ian Schwarz is the right lawyer for you. Thank you for everything Grant.

— a Criminal Defense client