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Criminal Law is a very broad subject.  Here are is a short list and description of some cases that we can handle for your or someone you care about.  Click each title to learn more about each case and potential defenses.

Broward County Robbery Defense Lawyer

Have you been charged with any robbery related Offense in Broward County? Hire the firm who has been defending these types of cases for over 30 years.

Broward County Resisting Arrest Lawyer

There are several different ways that you could potentially be charged with Obstructing Justice.  The most common way we see this charge brought is under statute 843.02, Resisting Officer without Violence.

Broward County Prostitution Defense Attorney

The Florida Prostitution Statute covers a very broad category of crimes that seek to punish everyone involved.  The statute targets the Prostitute (the person offering to perform a sex act for money), the John (Person offering money) and even the “Assigner” otherwise known as a Pimp (Person who sets up the appointment or engagement for sex).

Broward County Probation Modification and Termination Lawyer

Certain restrictions while on probation are to be expected: no driving, no alcohol or drug consumption, no contact with the alleged victim or repayment of restitution. However, some restrictions can put a huge damper on your life in many ways. Oftentimes being placed on probation can create unexpected consequences.

Broward County Probation Violation Lawyer

Many prosecutors will look at your initial probation sentence as a gift that they gave you in exchange for a plea or as a sentence you received after trial.  Prosecutors and judges get very upset when they see you back in “their” courtroom on an alleged violation of probation.

Florida Minor in Possession of Alcohol Attorney

A person commits the offense of Possession of Alcoholic Beverages by a Minor if they have in their actual or constructive possession any Alcoholic Beverages.  Alcoholic Beverages include: Beer, Wine, Malt Liquor, Malt Beverage (Smirnoff Ice, Mikes Hard Lemonade) or other distilled liquor (vodka, whiskey etc.)

Permitting an Unauthorized Driver in Florida

Florida Statute 322.36 states that a person may not authorize or knowingly permit a motor vehicle owned by him or her to be operated on any highway or public street by a person who is not lawfully licensed to drive.

Broward County Fraud Scheming Charge Lawyer

A case involving an organized scheme to defraud is usually presented to the state attorney’s office Economic Crimes Unit.  These cases are generally reviewed extensively by prosecutors and detectives prior to filing charges.  If you are reading this, you or someone you know has been charged with, or is under investigation for Organized Scheme to Defraud in Florida.

Broward County Murder Defense Attorney

The absolute most serious charge anyone can face is one that involves the unlawful killing of another human being.  There are different ways that the government can charge and accuse you of murdering another person and each one is extraordinarily serious with sentences from Life in Prison to the Death Penalty.

Misdemeanor Battery

Under Florida law, Simple Battery / Misdemeanor Battery is defined under Section 784.03, Florida Statutes. A Battery arrest or charge on your record can potentially be a very damaging thing to your personal life, career and reputation. It is recommended that you speak to an attorney immediately after you are arrested or otherwise accused of committing […]

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Outstanding service from lawyer Grant Ian Schwarz.

Lawyer Grant Ian Schwarz provides outstanding service. I recently hired him for my case earlier this year and on the day of the trial it got dismissed with ease. Not only did that case get dismissed but my first case three years ago got dismissed as well with Grant by my side. Mr.Schwarz is a reliable lawyer who I would recommend to anybody having any sort of legal issues. Grant is an extremely caring lawyer who will answer all questions that you have and will respond to any e-mails, texts, or phone calls that you send his direction. I cannot forget to mention his confidence in the courtroom is amazing and it truly shows his greatness. Grant Ian Schwarz is the right lawyer for you. Thank you for everything Grant.

— a Criminal Defense client