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State v. M.U.

Practice Area: Criminal Defense
Outcome: Avoided revocation of driver license.
Date: 2013-03-01

Traffic crash causing Fatality.

State v. C.B.

Practice Area: Criminal Defense
Outcome: Probation with early termination available
Date: 2013-03-11

Client scored 96 months minimum prison on Florida Criminal Punishment Scoresheet.

State v. B.H.

Practice Area: Criminal Defense
Outcome: Case Dismissed and record expunged
Date: 2013-03-11

Retail Theft.

State v. A.R.

Practice Area: DUI / DWI
Outcome: No conviction. No points
Date: 2013-03-12

DUI charge reduced to careless driving.

State v. D.N.

Practice Area: Criminal Defense
Outcome: No conviction. No probation
Date: 2013-03-15

Offer for prostitution

State v. A.R.

Practice Area: Criminal Defense
Outcome: No Conviction
Date: 2013-08-12

Grand Theft

State v. B.K.

Practice Area: Criminal Defense
Outcome: Case Dismissed
Date: 2013-08-13

Possession of Cocaine and drug paraphernalia

State v. S.B.

Practice Area: Criminal Defense
Outcome: No Conviction No Probation
Date: 2013-08-14

Possession of Cannabis

State v. T.D.

Practice Area: Criminal Defense
Outcome: Record Expunged
Date: 2013-08-16

Case Dismissed, record expungement

State v. S.H.

Practice Area: Criminal Defense
Outcome: case dismissed at trial
Date: 2013-08-19

Conspiracy to commit a check fraud

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Outstanding service from lawyer Grant Ian Schwarz.

Lawyer Grant Ian Schwarz provides outstanding service. I recently hired him for my case earlier this year and on the day of the trial it got dismissed with ease. Not only did that case get dismissed but my first case three years ago got dismissed as well with Grant by my side. Mr.Schwarz is a reliable lawyer who I would recommend to anybody having any sort of legal issues. Grant is an extremely caring lawyer who will answer all questions that you have and will respond to any e-mails, texts, or phone calls that you send his direction. I cannot forget to mention his confidence in the courtroom is amazing and it truly shows his greatness. Grant Ian Schwarz is the right lawyer for you. Thank you for everything Grant.

— a Criminal Defense client